FIFTYFOURMS is not just a furniture brand; it is an embodiment of passion for creativity and striving for perfection. We aim to transform furniture production into art.

Each model we created is a story told through form, texture, and color. The synergy of technology and creative experience allows us to work with the most intricate textures, selecting the finest materials for our furniture: Italian velvet, English ceramics, fittings made of German oak solid, and premium Italian leather.

We not only create stylish and high-quality items but also strive to be by your side at every stage from idea to delivery. Our main priority is an individual approach to each customer. Personalized service and a high level of attention ensure a unique interaction experience with the brand, fostering long-term relationships based on care and trust.

Our projects are an opportunity to learn something new, expand horizons, and embark on a creative journey. We explore materials, experiment with forms and textures to create furniture that inspires and captivates.